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Let’s Tree Wilmot (LTW) has a busy month coming up, with three planting events scheduled for October.

The first is scheduled for Saturday, October 1, starting at 9 a.m., taking place at Sararus Park in St. Agatha. About 60 different native trees will be planted, including redbud and serviceberries, to add some colour.
“There are actually quite a few trees in there, but the area lost a lot of ash trees,” said Marlene Knezevich, LTW’s chair and one of its founding members. “So a lot of residents have been asking for trees to be replaced, to provide some privacy and fill the gaps there.”

The next event will take place Saturday, October 15, at 9 a.m. Anna Tuerr Memorial Park in Mannheim. The site used to be a gravel pit.

“The challenge for us there is that we need to plant trees and shrubs that can handle skinny soil and that can handle drought,” said Knezevich. “Because it rains quickly, it doesn’t hold the moisture. It’s a very thin layer of topsoil.”

Another event is to take place at the Wilmot Recreation Complex in Baden on Saturday, October 29, at 9 a.m. LTW has worked on this location before, and is increasing the tree cover further towards the complex soccer field.

“At a later date, we’ll be replacing some trees that have died in some of the other locations,” noted Knezevich. “This was a really tough year for trees with the drought. Basically, in July and August, there was no rain.”

In addition to redbud and serviceberry, some of the trees planted will include red maple, native red maple, black chokeberry, white spruce and buroak. They will also plant a variety of shrubs.

LTW is a private group of community representatives passionate about increasing a healthy tree canopy within Wilmot Township.
Anyone interested who lives in the Township can request replacement or removal of dead trees, or adoption of a new tree on the municipal website.

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