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The first meeting of Let’s Tree Wilmot, an initiative organized by the Wilmot Horticultural Society, took place March 11, 2020, the night the COVID-19 pandemic was declared.

Months later, in October, the organization planted its first trees. A year and multiple delays later, and the planting is in full force as several planting days have taken place, according to chair of Let’s Tree Wilmot, Marlene Knezevich.

Thirty-six people came to the first meeting, says Knezevich, also a board member the Horticultural Society and a member of Nith Valley Eco boosters.

In terms of finances, Let’s Tree has grants, while organizations like Rotary Wilmot and the Horticultural Society donated money. Wilmot township also donates trees for the venture.

The first planting took place Oct. 24, 2020 at Scott Park in New Hamburg. Fifty-two people showed up to plant 100 trees. Fifty trees were donated by the township, while another 50 were funded by Let’s Tree Wilmot.

“We’re always looking for people to join our different committees on the team,” said Knezevich. She outlined several committees including a policy committee and education committee. The education committee for Let’s Tree Wilmot helps people understand how to take care of boulevard trees in front of their homes. The policy committee works with the township to create policies to protect trees and canopies. Members of the committee and tree planters even include people who have a background in forestry.

Recently, 80 to 90 trees and shrubs were planted in New Dundee and Mannheim. 170 were also planted in Petersburg, in an area which is meant to be completely naturalized.

“We plant looking at what the soil conditions are,” Knezevich said.

Let’s Tree Wilmot is always looking for people to plant trees as well, while registration is available on the Facebook group. On Nov. 6, the group will be planting larger trees at the new Mike Schout Wetlands from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Visit

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